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  • Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year
20 Jan 2023 - 26 Jan 2023

Tet, or Lunar New Year, is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture and a major holiday across the country that summarizes what they did in the old one. It is considered an essential mark for changes, plans, and progress. In addition, Vietnamese people believe that what they do on the first day of the new year will affect their rest, so they pay great attention to every word they say and everything they do. 

Although the New Year date is January 20, the days leading up to Tet as well as the days following it are considered national holidays. Vietnamese prepare for Tet by cooking specific New Year foods, cleaning out their homes, and paying respects to their ancestors. Flowering trees are placed outside every home and office, and a feeling of excitement and cheer envelops the entire country. On the very first day of Tet, children will receive a red envelope containing lucky money from elders in a tradition known as “mung tuoi” in the north and “lì xì” in the south.


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