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  • Ghe Ngo Boat Race

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Ghe Ngo Boat Race
08 Nov 2022 - 09 Nov 2022 | Can Tho

The most anticipated race in the Mekong Delta, this vibrant and thrilling boat race is part of the traditional Khmer Festival, Ooc Om Boc. The festival pays homage to the moon and serves as a celebration for the end of the year in the Khmer calendar. The Ghe Ngo race involves 30 groups of men and 10 groups of women racing traditional Khmer boats in time with the sounds of gongs and cheers from the large audience. 

Ghe Ngo racing festival is the most attractive contest in the Ok om Bok Festival and is becoming an indispensable activity for the Khmer people in the Mekong Delta. The biggest boat racing festival is usually in Soc Trang province because it gathers the most teams. This is a sport that requires the rhythmic and precise coordination of all team members to control the 30-meter-long boat to the finish line. A boat race usually has more than 40 teams competing each year, for both men and women, they compete under the cheers of a large audience.


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